One Stop for Funding and Financial Management


THE PROBLEM WITH MOST FILM FUNDING INSTRUMENTS... that producers have limited resources to access the required financial services and generally they have to compromise either on the pricing of financing rates or on the turnaround time to ink a deal.



...takes advantage of the “sweet spot” between the low-rate, higher threshold, often inaccessible, institutional financing and the overpriced lending rates and placement fees for the less-restrictive financing.  The TriStar business model offers senior debt financing at interest rates ranging from 15% to 25% (depending on the transaction) and provides a quick 2 to 3 week approval process.



  • Access to financing for the funding of a film;
  • Access to an AAA insurance company that can underwrite our investment in a specific film;
  • Access to the biggest talent agencies in the world, including the William Morris Agency (WME), United Talent Agency (UTA), and Creative Artist Agency (CAA);
  • Access to distribution – whether for a smaller budget Independent film with limited theatrical release or a high-caliber Hollywood A-list movie that requires a large international theatrical release distributed through one of the big name studios.
  • An algorithmic process that allows us to detect weak links in production while at the same time ensuring we have all the right elements in place to produce a successful and profitable outcome.