Founded by Michael Olsen, TriStar Global Entertainment—in addition to managing a film fund—is a one-stop shop for film funding and for motion picture and television production for budgets from$5 million to $50 million.


With over twenty-five years’ worth of experience in the financial services industry, Michael Olsen—along with two film industry veterans—started Yaletown Capital in 2006. The company was designed to provide tax credits and production services to Western Canada’s film and television industry. During this time Mr Olsen entered into an intense hands-on motion picture education, including attending major festivals and markets both domestically and abroad.

In 2009, preferring to focus exclusively on developing long-term business and corporate financial strategies for production companies, Mr Olsen established TriStar Film Finance. The company—with offices in Vancouver and L.A.—was formed to service an untapped niche in the marketplace. It provides producers with one-stop-shopping for film financing, corporate structuring and business services primarily for lower to mid-budget film and television productions. It also profits from the financial potential of brand integration (aka product placement) for this tier of production.

Since TriStar was officially launched in July of 2009 the company has provided film financing and services to several independent feature films. These include; Bad Karma with Ray Liotta and Dominic Purcell, Clockwork Girl with Carrie-Ann Moss, Paradox, a sci-fi thriller starring Kevin Sorbo; Daydream Nation, a romantic comedy, starring Kat Dennings, Josh Lucas and Andie MacDowell; and Blood: A Butchers Tale, a vampire / horror film starring Aaron Douglas and Kim Coates. 

Through TriStar Mr. Olsen has consulted on several other independent films as an Executive Producer, he served as the President for Odyssey Media Inc. in 2013, and as a co-founder and principal to Tristar Media Global, LLC.

As CEO of TriStar, Mr. Olsen has been a popular guest speaker and panelist on film finance at industry events, including The Institute of International Film Finance (IIFF).

Currently TriStar has several films in development for production. On the philanthropic side, Mr. Olsen is a former board member of the Zajac Foundation, where he assisted the non-profit organization to help raise capital to fund innovative community projects that support disabled children and special needs adults. He is also the founder of Vancouver’s downtown branch of the Rotary Club.